22 patients died due to Oxygen tank leaks at the hospital in Nashik Maharashtra

In the Zakir Hussain Hospital in Nashik, a city in Maharashtra state that is the worst hit by the latest surge in coronavirus cases in the country.

Zakir Hussain Hospital is a dedicated covid hospital with admitted over 150 patients. due to this leakage, patients were unable to get oxygen for over 30 minutes.

Now how has this happened, Surinder Sonone, a police officer, said the leak occurred in a pipe connecting the oxygen supply to the main tank in the hospital complex. A cork in the Oxygen tank has malfunctioned which led to a reduction in pressure in the oxygen pipeline. That pipeline goes directly to the Covid wards.

State Health Minister Rajesh Tope said, the state government ordered an investigation of the leak.

Let’s get to know the mechanism in detail, there are two ways patients get oxygen Invasive Ventilation & Non-Invasive Ventilation.

Invasive & Non-Invasive Ventilation

Patients get Invasive ventilation when they need continuously a good flow of oxygen, Oxygen tube directly attached to the windpipe.

As in the case of the Nashik incident, there were so many patients who were getting Invasive Ventilation. Because of the leakage, those patients were unable to get oxygen, All-though the hospital staff and doctors tried their best but that wasn’t sufficient at that moment.