“Socialism & their types. Pros and Cons of Socialism”

Definition of Socialism:- Socialism is an economic system where everyone in the society equally owns the factors of production, the factors of production are valued in relation to their usefulness to people. That ownership is acquired through a democratically elected government. Socialists take into account both individual needs and greater social needs.  “From each according … Read more

“What is Communism? Their Characteristics and Disadvantages.”

Definition- there is a number of overlapping philosophies & socioeconomic system that can be described as Communist in nature. But in the most basic sense communism is where all manufacturing, or “means of production” are equally owned by all the members of the state or group. In countries, the government represents the group. It was … Read more

“Proning breathing exercise to boost oxygen levels, why is it important, how proning helped an 82-year-old woman beat Covid 19”

Proning breathing exercise: This wave of Covid 19 is becoming devastating in India. Daily cases are rising exponentially. We need more oxygen & ICU beds. Oxygen deprivation often leaves COVID positive patients gasping for breath and suffering from difficulties. 82-year-old woman Vidya Devi from Gorakhpur beat the coronavirus by using the proning method, which helped … Read more

“Black Holes Simplification”

A black hole is a place or region in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can’t get out. But the question is why do they have this much gravity? To understand this first we need to know how black holes form,- Scientists suspected that this was a case of two dead stars … Read more

“Why do we dream?”

Dreams: Most dreaming occurs during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which we cycle through periodically during the night. When you’re awake, your thoughts have a certain logic to them. When you sleep, your brain is still active, but your thoughts or dreams often make little or no sense. This may be because the emotional centers … Read more

“Simplification Of Deepfake Technology”

Deepfake is a combination of two words, which are ‘Deep learning’ & ‘Fake’. By using Deepfake technology one can replace an existing person’s face in an image or video. Deepfake is leveraging powerful techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence, the main machine learning methods used to create Deepfakes are based on deep learning and … Read more

“What is CT value in Covid-19 Test & What crucial information we’ll get from this”

CT value: As we all are seeing the devastating 2nd wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, we should remain to keep the social distance, wear masks, sanitize your hand regularly & try to get vaccinated as soon as possible. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the current positivity criteria are based on the … Read more

“Capitalism in a simplified manner..”

CAPITALISM is often thought of as an economic system in which private actors own and control property in accord with their interests, and demand and supply freely set prices in markets in a way that can serve the best interests of society. The man behind our modern capitalism is Adam Smith, the 18th-century philosopher. We … Read more