“Russia to Provide advanced spy satellite to Iran”

Russia is helping Iran with Satellites

Russia is getting ready to supply Iran with a high-level satellite framework.  It will give Tehran a remarkable capacity to follow expected military focuses across the Middle East and past, as per current and the previous U.S. also, Middle Eastern authorities advised on subtleties of the game plan. The arrangement would convey to the Iranians … Read more

“GDP- Definition| Calculation| Observation of Past Data”

GDP simplification

GDP- Gross Domestic Product is the absolute financial or market value of the relative multitude of completed goods and products delivered inside a nation’s lines in a particular time span. As an expansive proportion of generally homegrown creation, its capacities as a complete scorecard of a given country’s monetary wellbeing. The primary fundamental idea of … Read more

“Cyclone- History, effects & how to be prepared for a Cyclone?”

Cyclone impacts in India

Cyclone Tauktae is probably going to strengthen into an “extreme cyclonic tempest” within six hours. And may hit the Gujarat coast by Tuesday, the climate office has cautioned. Already we’re seeing the impacts. Throughout the following 12 hours, Cyclone Tauktae is probably going to strengthen further into an “extremely serious cyclonic tempest” and is relied … Read more

“Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality, How these works & differences?”

Virtual Reality

 Virtual Reality creates a stimulator environment using VR (Virtual Reality) headset. It creates an artificial three-dimensional environment, where a user can interact. Virtual Reality gives their user a realistic experience. History of Virtual Reality We feel it’s a new tech, but the story of VR has started a long ago in 1957. When Cinematographer Morton … Read more