“Instagram- Comprehension of the fourth Largest Social Media Platform”

The complete Inside story of Instagram

Instagram, the name originated from ‘Instant‘ plus ‘Telegram‘. The app was first published on 6th Oct 2010 by Kevin Systrom and his co-founder Mike Krieger. Though, it was available before that. As of today, Instagram is the fourth largest social media platform with 1.4 billion users or subscribers. With time the brand became ubiquitous. The … Read more

“Samsung- Current scenario of the South Korean Giant”

"Samsung- Current scenario of the South Korean Giant"

Samsung, the journey of the giant started as a grocery trading store. Founded on 1st March 1938 by Lee Byung-Chull. You must have heard the brand when it comes to buying a mobile phone, Tv, Laptops, Washing Machines, Ac’s, etc. Few of you may know it builds semiconductors, microchips, and more. But what if I … Read more

“Business Strategy-How to create a new business strategy?”

How to create a new business strategy

Business strategy-It is the root of any business. It’ll give you a clear path for your organization to follow & achieve your dream production/sales/profit. But there are so many companies (among them few are the most successful ones) out there in your industry. How can you achieve rapid growth, making your organization the best among … Read more

“Automobile Industries- Contribution of Automobile Sector in India’s Economy”

The strory of Automobile sector in India

The automobile sector, India’s most prosperous sector, Contribution to India’s GDP is around 7.1%. It will increase to 12% by 2026. In 2019 India became the 5th largest automobile industry in the world. But for tractors and 2 wheelers India is the 2nd largest manufacturer. Over a 35million people are earning money from this sector. … Read more

“Bad Banks- What is it & an Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC)”

Bad Banks– A bad bank is a corporate structure that isolates illiquid and high-risk assets (typically non-performing assets/loans) held by a bank or a financial organization. A bank may accumulate a large portfolio of debts or other financial instruments which unexpectedly become at risk of partial or full default. A large volume of non-performing assets … Read more

The story behind Citi bank exit in India-

Story behind the Citi bank exit from India

In 1902 Citi Group started its operation in India (Kolkata). Citi bank has played a leading role in establishing important market intermediaries such as depositories, credit bureau, clearing, and payment institutions. With that, it brought some early innovations in India such as ATM, Credit-card, Internet Banking, and more. On 15 Apr 2021, Citi announced that … Read more