“Bitcoin-Current Market Price Analysis”

Bitcoin Analysis

Bitcoin: A month ago on April 20, we discussed the Crypto crash, particularly about BTC. We have seen the day-by-day and month-to-month chart pattern. A Few days prior after Tesla CEO declared, they will quit taking bitcoin as payment for car purchases. We have seen the delayed consequences on BTC. Bitcoin- Previous Chart Pattern Analysis … Read more

“GDP- Definition| Calculation| Observation of Past Data”

GDP simplification

GDP- Gross Domestic Product is the absolute financial or market value of the relative multitude of completed goods and products delivered inside a nation’s lines in a particular time span. As an expansive proportion of generally homegrown creation, its capacities as a complete scorecard of a given country’s monetary wellbeing. The primary fundamental idea of … Read more

“Bitcoin: coming far additional down and delayed consequence of Elon’s tweet”

BTC Price are coming down

Musk’s declaration a week ago that Tesla will not acknowledge installment & payment in Bitcoin. This has set off a 17% slide on the planet’s most well-known digital currency. After Tesla CEO has volunteered to counter support of Bitcoin contentions through ecological inquiries connected to Bitcoin mining. Later the BTC price is coming more down. … Read more

“Bitcoin- Near to $365 billion wiped off from Cryptocurrency Market as Tesla stopped taking Bitcoin as Payment”

Bitcoin down to $48000 in a few hours

On May 13th, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the electric vehicle maker would suspend car purchases using bitcoin, citing environmental concerns. The price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency dropped from around $54,700 to below $47,000. Although after that it has managed to go back above $50,000 within a few hours. But the obstructive news … Read more

Is it a cryptocurrency Market crash?

Why we have seen this dip after all the hype in last week. Expert says, it’s not a crash & ‘buy the dip’. this fall caused by some concern regarding sudden covid spike and power outages in china. Bitcoin, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, fell as much as 14% to $51,541 on Sunday from the high … Read more