“Cristiano Ronaldo – The Coca Cola Controversy, in detail analysis”

Cristiano Ronaldo Coca-cola controversy

Cristiano Ronaldo the CR7 is one of the greatest footballers in this era. He indirectly turned wish granter to some stock market bears on June 14, 2021. It’s an amusing world out there. Snapchat’s parent organization lost about $1.3 billion in market esteem back in 2018 after American Model star Kylie Jenner tweeted that she was done utilizing the informing administration. As advertisers attempt to prepare for the future, endeavoring to discover a harmony between enormous corporate arrangements and their players’ souls. The trendy competitor may likewise have to realign his/her assumptions. Since in an undeniably cash-driven football market, there is by all accounts an immediate connection between the ways effective a group is with how profound their pockets are.

The worldwide genius’ pawing at two Coca-Cola bottles at a public interview in Budapest cleared off $4 billion from the organization’s market value.

Impact after the move, Coca-Cola’s stock costs dropped 1.6% as they went from being worth USD 242 billion to USD 238 billion. Which is a deficiency of USD 4 billion as per the report

Cristiano Ronaldo impacts in Cocacola Chat.
cortesy- Tradingview

The stock price went right down to $54.7 from close to $56. Obviously cleared off $4billion from market value.


An assertion by Coca-Cola later said that athletes are given a beverage choice and added that the filtered water which CR7 picked was likewise a Coke item. By the statement it’s that of course he was not against the brand, it is just his health consciousness. We all know about his fitness & how much he is serious about his health fitness. It was always his priority.

Given said that, we also see the other part, through brand endorsements, Ronaldo makes $50 million yearly. On the off chance that there’s one athlete who no doubt comprehends the significance of work away from the arena in representing the brand’s items & befitting his way of life, it would be Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Later Mr. Sukhvinder Singh said, “It might just have been an all-around determined move. He is 35 years old, He is in the nightfall of his vocation, and perhaps he’s considering life ahead. He added “This was well thought out even before he came in, I feel. I’m sure Ronaldo of 10-15 years ago would have never done this”. Those who don’t know him he is the ex-marketing manager at Nike and former director of marketing at the All Indian Football Federation.

It was not that he was simply disassociating himself from a brand. Yet appeared to be a dismissal for similar items.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a deep-rooted or lifelong brand ambassador of Nike. Although we have seen him rejecting lucrative deals before also. Recently, the five-time Ballon d’Or champ Cristiano Ronaldo purportedly declined a worthwhile deal. The deal was from the Saudi Arabian Tourism load up worth $7 million. It was after the human rights controversies in the country.