Do you use multiple SIM cards in India? Here is something you need to know.

If you own multiple sim cards in India, you need to know this

Central Government has announced a new law regarding multiple sim cards. The Govt. has ordered that telephone traffic be cut off for people who have more than 9-SIM cards. According to a recent order from the Ministry of Telecommunications (DoT), employees will first check multiple Sims and, if not confirmed, disable all but one number. For people living with J&K and in the northeast, six SIM cards will be reconfirmed. But why?

Here is what you need to know owning multiple sim cards in India

In India, there are more than 94 crore cellular users. According to the latest order, you will get the opportunity to choose the connection that you want to keep and disable other connections.

The reason behind this is simple, it is to check for incidents of financial crime & other fraudulent acts that are being taken by telecommunication. DoT has asked telecom operators to remove all flagged cellular connections that are not being used properly from its database.

“If during the data analysis by DoT, it is found that one subscriber has more than nine sim cards or cellular connections, those connections are flagged for rechecking. Also if you are staying in J&K, North East, and Assam LSA and owned more than 6 sim cards across all service providers, will be the same,” the DoT said in a statement.

As a rule, if the customer has appeared to review and use his transfer options, the outgoing facility (including data service) of the “mobile connection marked within 30 days” and “incoming service within 45 days” will be transferred to the mobile connection to separate.

If no customer shows up for reconfirmation, the flagged number will be deactivated within 60 days from 7 December.

“Now suppose, you are a user with international roaming or are physically disabled, then what? For those, an additional 30 days will be provided.

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What does the data say?

While telcos add their subscribers or users on an average of more than 20 lakhs per month. But they have seen a decline in subscriber access since August this year. In September there was a decrease of 0.2%, in October there was a decrease of 2.5%.

 About 11% of multiple SIM card users are based outside the city of 40 million residents.

According to the survey, only nine percent of consumers come from rural areas. According to research, young people are the biggest users of multiple SIM cards. 45 percent between 18 and 25 years use multiple SIM cards. Most of them are students, professionals, and new employees.

Around 21 percent of multiple SIM users are there in the Cities with a population of 5-10 lakh, as per the density this can be the multiple SIM users, the study says.

However, if the number is flagged by a law enforcement agency or financial institution or found to be harassing the caller, outgoing services will be suspended within 5 days, incoming within 10 days, and total termination within 15 days if nothing shows up.

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