“Donald Trump: The former United States president expressed that a penalty of $10 trillion should be imposed on China”

Donald Trump sates a penalty of $10 trillion on China

Donald Trump says ‘I was right about Wuhan lab spill’ and requested a punishment of $10 Trillion to be forced on China for the passing and harms brought about by the “lab spill.”

He also added that ‘now everybody, even the purported ”foe”, is starting to say that President Trump was right. He was right about the China Virus & that it started from Wuhan Lab,’

Trump is also saying that 90 days investigation reports asked by Joe Biden were also not necessary. According to him the intelligence department already has enough data to prove that.

10 trillion USD is a big amount, if you want to compare then in the present time India’s GDP is around 2.9 trillion USD. So the question is, is it a justified number?

First of all, you need to understand Donald Trump is not asking the whole amount for the United State only. He is asking that China should pay $10 trillion to America, and the whole World. This is for the demise and destruction they have caused.

Donald Trump’s assertions gauge.


Now the question is, is it possible? Is there any global law with the help one can fight? The answer is YES.

Before also we have seen that Biden banned (blocks) 59 Chinese organizations in changed trump’s structure.

A few political figures have scrutinized the Chinese government’s treatment of the wellbeing emergency. Contending they had been too delayed to even consider illuminating people in general and the worldwide local area, and too delayed to even think to impose sanitary measures.

In 2005, the World Health Assembly, the WHO’s most noteworthy dynamic power, embraced the International Health Regulations to prevent decisively this kind of data imbalance during general wellbeing emergencies.

Article 6 of the Regulations requires each party to inform the WHO within 24 hours of any occasion that represents the danger of a worldwide general wellbeing crisis.

Donald Trump statement wiegh, WHO guideline article 6

Not only article 6 if you see article 7 or 11, but China also has not followed those laws. Whether it’s about sharing such crucial data with WHO & more.

Donald Trump statement wiegh, WHO guideline article 7

See the complete regulation at International Health Regulation Guideline.

So by the Law of course it’s possible to case a file against any nation if you have enough evidence.


In 1941, a global council was established to run on Canada’s duty. This was regarding neglecting to manage sulfur dioxide outflows from a smelter plant that caused harm to America’s rural agri trade.

In the resulting grant, the court decided that no Govt could allow its territory to be utilized in a way that causes injury in the region of another, laying the establishment of the ‘trans boundary hurt’ guideline.