Earth’s Black Box- Earth is getting its own Black Box?


Recently you have heard the news of Earth’s Black Box. We also have heard the devastating news of CDS of India Mr. Bipin Rawat died in a Mi-17 helicopter crash. By now we know that the Black Box of that chopper has been found. In the headline you saw Earth’s Black Box, now I just said a Black Box in the helicopter, now you may think is it the both same or different? Don’t worry I will clear all the doubt in this article & I will give you a detailed analysis of Earth’s Black Box.

What is a Black box?

All flights and helicopters have black boxes to record the worst events, tragic incidents such as the one that led to the death of General Bipin Rawat. The outer parts of a black box are mostly made up of steel or titanium.

The reason for this is to keep safe the internal hard disk. What is the use? Mainly to store or record the events of 80 vital parameters like air pressure, altitude, cockpit conversations, airspeed, etc. It will help to identify the situation during the crash.

Whenever you see any images of the Black boxes, they are mostly in orange right? Despite its name ‘Black’. Why?

The black box and the concept of Earth's Black box
Black Box

There are several reasons. During the 1960’s it first came to act, and during that time mostly it used to create in black color. Another reason is, as I said in the definitions it has been created in order to record the events of a crashed flight or helicopter, after these kinds of incidents those orange-colored ‘black box’ sometimes turned into black.

Also, you may ask, okay but why do we color orange in the first place, why not green or blue?

Suppose the team couldn’t find the black box after a crash, now the color orange is pretty easy to find out if you put lights in that area. Even under the water.

Okay, now you got some basic idea of the Black box and how it helps the aviation industry. But what about the Earth? Is the Earth getting its own black box?

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Earth’s Black Box

Yes, the project has started with the collaboration of artists from the Glue Society collective, members of marketing Communications Company Clemenger BBDO, and the University of Tasmania, also there are more. The main purpose of Earth’s Black Box is to tell the future civilization of our demolition (How & Why).

Though this is still under the construction, the Earth’s Black Box is still recording our current events.

Let’s get to know more about the Earth’s Black Box-

This will be completely in steel structure. Half of it will be under the ground and half of it will be above. The height will be 33 ft. long. It will store the data for the coming 50-100 years. But the data will be saved for thousands of years. But the question is how will it store the data? or how the data will go into it? It will be connected to the internet.

Here is one thing I would like you to remind, when I was talking about the black boxes in helicopters or flights, those aren’t connected to the internet. With the use of the internet, it will store the data like climate change, what the steps are being taken, the reports being published by scientists, everything. This black box will get the power from the solar panels.

Where is it located and why?

The Earth’s Black box is located in Tasmania, Australia. One of the main reasons for choosing that area is keeping it far and safe. Suppose in coming years we see war or nuclear war, now Tasmania will be safe because no countries will be interested to fight that area. Also, the location is great to collect two ocean data, Indian and the Pacific Ocean.

Earth’s Black Box

The issue lies ahead-

One thing that the researchers and the scientists are trying to find out that how the future civilization will get the benefit of it? What if they won’t have internet? What if they don’t understand it? What if..? This is something the future will decide, we gotta do what we can, and I’m sure Scientists will try to bring some close solutions for it as well.