“Exoskeleton is being built by DRDO for Indian Military”


Exoskeleton: India has declared that they are creating exoskeletons for the Indian armed force. The exoskeletons are quickly arising as a feature of the cutting edge troop’s body device and Armed Forces might be definitely anticipating the perfection of this venture, far sooner than numerous others still inside the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) Lab.

What is an Exoskeleton?

Exoskeletons are wearable gadgets that work pair with the client. It is the outer skeleton that supports and can protect a human’s body, not only for humans it can work with animals as well.

The fundamental capacity of a powered Exoskeleton is to help the user by boosting their strength and perseverance.

Please refer to the official DRDO page for more details.

On the battlefield for the 21st century soldiers, being networked for C4I capabilities is very critical. The soldier is now moving with advanced helmets, radios, night-vision goggles, body armour, which adds to the weight which fatigues him.

What is C4I:-

The abbreviation C4I means “Control, Command, Computers, Communications, and Intelligence“

Order and control are about dynamic, the activity of heading by an appropriately assigned authority over-allocated and connected powers in the achievement of a mission. It is upheld by data innovation (the computer and interchanges part of C4I).

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Which nations are using Exoskeleton tech?

Around the world, nations like the US and Russia are viewing Exoskeleton Technology for their soldiers as this assists soldiers wear over their uniform. And which is battery operated.

Previously China claims that they already started using the exoskeletons, known as the portable ammunition support assist system. This is for individual soldiers, which can provide 20 kilograms of assisted strength to its user. It can relieve more than 50 percent of the burden, and greatly reduce risks of waist injury, China Central Television (CCTV).

Current scenario of Exoskeleton in Indian Defence-

DRDO’s (Defence Research and Development Organisation) Defense Bioengineering also, Electro-medical Laboratory (DEBEL) has been for quite a while examining information for Simulation and Analysis of Musco-skeletal parts, similar to bring down appendage incitement (while the trooper is standing) & more.

A powered exoskeleton contrasts from a passive exoskeleton in the way that a detached exoskeleton isn’t controlled by an arrangement of electric engines, pneumatics, switches, hydrodynamics, or a mix of advancements. Nonetheless, like a powered exoskeleton, it gives mechanical advantages to the client.

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India has to conquer few challenges,- when soldiers effectively sent in outrageous spots like Siachen, cold/hot desert districts to a high stickiness place like the North East area, the Environmental specs of the Exo-suit are particularly requesting. Further, to deny any utilization of caught Exo-suits by enemies, a high-grade ‘lock’ password component will be required.