How does immunity develop in our body from viruses?

There are mainly two cells, T cells (Thymus cells) & B cells (Bone marrow or Burse-derived cells ) which store the prior information of infection and this is the important component for the adaptive immune system.

T&B cells

“please refer to the to know how viruses get mutate, why B.1.617 is dangerous.”

T cells & B cells can form a memory for SARS-CoV-2. Another promising sign comes from those who contracted the original SARS coronavirus in 2003. The T cells of people who were infected at the time reliably recognized the spike protein from the virus in lab experiments after 17 years.

Now in that case, if our T cells can recognize this new mutant then this new covid variant can be less dangerous for us, but there is some concern.

According to the biologist William Hasteline, The T cells theory isn’t going to hold up. He believes that maybe T cells can recognize the virus but it doesn’t mean that it will give us meaningful protection.

It means that maybe T cells can mild the disease but if a mutation happens or some other variant affects the same person then T cells not going to help.

William added that, we might hope for an universal vaccine to fight against all the variant of Corona virus.