Save the Earth – The DART mission by NASA

The Dart mission

The Dart mission– The story begins in 2017 when astronomers predicted that an asteroid would hit Japan in the next decade. And the size of that asteroid would be like a cruise ship. Scientists and government officials from NASA and other space agencies gathered in Tokyo for the annual planetary defense conference. This happened in … Read more

How is the Coronavirus slowing growth in Europe again?

How Coronavirus pushing back the Economic growth in the Europe

During the pandemic months, countries have faced a slowdown in economic activity due to Coronavirus. As various parts of the world struggle to reach pre-pandemic levels, Europe’s recovery is now at risk from the fourth wave of the coronavirus. As the government imposes stricter health restrictions that can reduce foot traffic in shopping malls, prevent … Read more

Facebook Rebranding-One of the colossal step by the brand

Facebook Rebranding-

The U.S. tech giant is planning to change its corporate name. As is fight against the accusation that social media sites harm the mental health of young users. Facebook has been fined over 70 million dollars for failing to provide information while investigating the takeover of Giphy (a search engine for animated images). The CEO … Read more

How TATA can win the Electric Vehicle Market?

How TATA can win the Electric Vehicle Market?

TATA– the Company was founded in 1868 by Jamsedji Tata as a trading company. He started the firm with only 21,000rs or 281 US dollars, though the amount had more value than it has today. Six years later the company establishes a textile mill. Since then the company started moving upwards. During the ’90s the … Read more