“Proning breathing exercise to boost oxygen levels, why is it important, how proning helped an 82-year-old woman beat Covid 19”

Proning breathing exercise: This wave of Covid 19 is becoming devastating in India. Daily cases are rising exponentially. We need more oxygen & ICU beds. Oxygen deprivation often leaves COVID positive patients gasping for breath and suffering from difficulties.

82-year-old woman Vidya Devi from Gorakhpur beat the coronavirus by using the proning method, which helped her increase the oxygen levels from 79 to 94. She won the battle against COVID-19 in a span of 12 days.

Recently, doctors are strongly asking people to double mask to help lower the COVID-19 spread & “proning breathing position” to keep the oxygen saturation level high amidst a severe oxygen crisis.

What is Proning exercise?

Proning is a method where the patient lies on the bed stomach down, which is said to raise the oxygen saturation levels in the blood. Lying on the chest helps the body get air into all parts of the lungs. It can stabilize and improve Oxygen readings.

It is also considered to be a medically approved self-therapy to boost oxygenation. A lot of experts and the Health Ministry, too now recommends people under home isolation care for COVID+ to make it a habit and self-prone so as to manage oxygen readings and alleviate problems.

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Researchers said that by doing self-proning for over 30 minutes can boost oxygen readings from 88 to 94 and above.

We’ll try to guide you with the following steps in order you to achieve effective proning position.

Start with lying on your belly.

It can be more effective with pillows.

Lying on your right side.

Sitting up with your legs extended in front of you

Then lying on the left side

And again go back to lying on your belly.

[REMEMBER: Do not spend more than 30 minutes in one position. The pillows can also be adjusted to suit pressure and comfort, according to your needs.

Who should or shouldn’t do it: Not all patients who test positive for coronavirus and put under home care need the help of proning. If your oxygen level is more than 94 then It’s not recommended, you shouldn’t attempt without seeking proper medical advice. Pregnant women, those suffering from obesity, thrombosis, unstable spine, or cardiac complications should not attempt this exercise.

Avoid proning for an hour after meal & Don’t go too hard on youself. ]