Twitter: What’s going on under the new boss?

What's going on in Twittwr under the new boss

After Musk’s $44 billion acquisition on Oct 27, there is so much chaos around the microblogging site. Most of them are about firing employees brutally—various headlines, like the firing of 90% of Twitter India employees, etc. But as we all know he already said before that if he is going to take over the company, he’ll fire 75% workforce. then why still it is making upsetting to watch or to face?

As per the data, Twitter’s total workforce is even below 10,000 at nearly 7500 only. With this less number in such a big company is it even necessary to fire 50% of your staff who have given their time & trust for years. Let’s forget about that, just think about how he is firing people.

Try to imagine yourself as a Twitter employee, and suddenly you have been asked to go home or if you are on your way to the office and your hr asks you not to come you have been fired and go home. Doesn’t feel good, right? Yes, that’s what the employees of Twitter have faced.

Elon once in his tweet said that he is trying to save Twitter, maybe he really is, but as we all have heard during childhood with great power comes great responsibility. With the name “Elon Musk” we are entitled to think of respect in his talks, and the decisions that he makes, this time he failed us, in all of this there is “humanity” that he missed.

A few days ago employees got a mail, where it has clearly mentioned,

If your employment is not impacted, you will receive a notification via your Twitter email else if impacted you will get a personal mail. And guess what employees didn’t have to wait for those emails, employees who were about to get fired weren’t able to access internal communication, they have been logged out of work laptops and removed from slack, and they have also sued over lack of notice. My point is if you are working for any organization, you may get fired for XYZ reason but you deserve better than to get the firing notice via mail, that’s it no further discussion.

Though there was a deal or you can say terms that were presented before the employees-

  • employees’ compensation and benefits same for one full year.
  • 2 months’ salary if laid off.
  • cash value of equity.

Different sources have said, they are receiving 2 months’ salary but there are issues with the cash value of equity.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Twitter for huge layoffs without proper notice. This isn’t the first under Elon’s leadership. We’ve seen this before in June in Tesla when 10% workforce kicked off. After this mass layoffs, United States president Joe Biden called out Musk and criticised incorrect information on Twitter, telling a campaign occasion in Chicago that he had offered an outfit that “spews lies all throughout the world”.

How people see is when you work for such a big company you do have experience and skills, so it won’t be tough to find another job like this, but at a time of recession slow hiring globally it may impact that. 

 $8 a month for a “blue tick”

Elon has announced a new feature where you need to pay $8 if you want a blue tick behind your name. Though it was first $20 and later finalised at $8.

The question is whether it’s a Strategy or Desperation.

What are the significant people saying about this initiative-

“I assume Elon notion he was going to come in and resolve the whole thing right away but it’s a way greater complicated, he informed in a recent podcast The News Agents this weekend. “It’s quite obtrusive from each public movement that he’s excited by this complete acquisition: he doesn’t recognize what he’s doing.” Said Bruce Daisley, Twitter’s VP for Europe, the Middle East and Africa from 2015 to 2020.

Daisley, who became Twitter’s most senior executive in London, additionally criticised Musk’s plan to price users dollar eight a month for a “blue tick” as a verification symbol. He informed the Observer Musk was trading the “legitimacy of established sources for “pocket money”. “The reality that we haven’t any recourse over this is undemocratic, he stated.

On Saturday, Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder and previous leader executive, recommended the mass sackings had been vital due to the fact he had accelerated too fast. “I own the obligation for why all people are in this situation: I grew the organization too quickly. I apologise for that,” stated Dorsey, who stepped down from Twitter’s board in May and has supported Musk’s takeover.

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The concern for normal people like us who use Twitter for valuable information, we often read and believe when a verified (a person with a blue tick) profile said something. Now it’s no longer the case., anyone can have the blue tick write anything, so it has lost value.

With this, another thing to consider why people used to be happy when they got the blue badge is because it’s their hard work and their contribution to the community for the long term and they achieved it. Now, why would you pay for it when it has lost its value and anyone can have it just for 8 dollars, there is nothing to be proud of.

After all this criticism, Elon replied in one of his tweets, saying- Your feedback is appreciated now pay $8.

Please Come back-

After laying off around half the company, Twitter Inc has now taken a U-turn and is asking dozen of employees who lost their jobs, to come back, according to the news agency Bloomberg.

Why this sudden change? Is the criticism or the lawsuit forcing Musk to take this step?

Another reason can be when you are laying off 50 per cent of your workforce at a time management doesn’t get much time to filter the experience & skills that are required for Musk’s envision.

With time we’ll see how Elon will turn the table and create his dream bluebird castle.