“UAE-Golden Visa, All you need to know about it”

Golden visa | All you need to know about new UAE golden visa

Sanjay Dutt the Bollywood star on Wednesday said he has gotten a Golden visa for the UAE. He said it on Twitter.

What is Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is basically a framework or system that offers long-term residency to investors, entrepreneurs, Medical experts, Scientists, Individuals with exceptional talent, etc.

Is UAE the first country to offer a Golden visa?

No, plenty of more countries offer golden visas like Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Dominica, Turkey, and more.

Benefits of Golden Visa-

It offers long-term residency (5 and 10 years) to the people that we mentioned above. (Investors, Entrepreneurs, Medical Professionals, etc)
Once you are eligible & get your visa, you don’t have to apply it for every time you visit that country (Here in our case UAE).
You can plan to fabricate your life there. It will help you to get citizenship as well.
UAE will offer 100% owned business there who holds the golden visa.

How to apply for the Golden Visa?

If you want to apply for the Golden Visa, visit the official website business.goldenvisa.ae or simply learn more at smartservices.ica.gov.ae
You need to present/submit the necessary documents.

Who is eligible for Golden Visa in UAE?

Currently, UAE offers 5 & 10 years of Golden visa that includes investors, entrepreneurs, medical expert, etc
Check out eligibility criteria for complete details.

Who is Eligible for Golden Visa?

Criteria for 10 year visa

 For Investors & Entrepreneurs-

  • A deposit of at least 10 million AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) as a public investment. It can be in the form of an investment fund or company.
  • 60% of the investment should be in the form of real estate.
  • The amount must not be loaned & in the case of assets investors assume full ownership.
  • The investors must be able to retain the investment for a minimum of three years.

 For Individuals-

Other than business visionaries, people with specific abilities (like Medical experts, Scientists, artists, etc) can likewise apply for the visa. These people might be allowed a 10-year visa following accreditations conceded by their particular offices and fields and the visa will likewise be stretched out to their families (spouse & children).

While researchers should be certified by the Emirates Scientists Council or holders of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Excellence, innovative people in culture and craftsmanship should be authorized by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development.

Criteria for 5 years-

For investors & Entrepreneurs the terms will be same, just for 5 years they need to invest AED 5 million.

The businessmen/entrepreneurs are permitted a multi-section visa for a half year and then inexhaustible (renewable) for an additional a half year. The long-term visa incorporates the companion and children, 3 executives & a partner.

For Students-

If you are a student and wondering whether you can apply for the visa or not. Don’t worry even a process there is for you guys.

Students with a base evaluation of 95% in broad daylight and non-public schools.  University students inside and outside the nation having a differentiation GPA of in any event 3.75 upon graduation.

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